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When I left teaching a few years ago due to deep depression and an existential crisis, I knew that I would have to find a way to keep teaching because teaching makes me feel like I am growing, healing, and working toward wholeness as a human. My outlet for teaching gradually became the non-profit I started called To Know We Are Not Alone. For the past few years, I have been regularly blogging and podcasting, sharing hope with people who are suffering not just from the mental illnesses that plague them, but also from the loneliness that is often just as crippling.

I have always felt that something is missing from most mental health sites that seek to offer largely clinical resources. While their efforts are important, they can overlook things like connections to companionship, encouragement, and friendship. When I sat in the throes of deep depression, the thing I wanted above all else was a friend who would sit with me, walk with me, cry with me…bear the burden with me.

That’s exactly why I started To Know We Are Not Alone and what makes us (I have recently added a 7-person Advisory Board team) different. We’ve received great feedback of late. The Facebook blog has grown by 33% in the past 6 months; we’ve even been contacted by people from halfway around the world to tell me how helpful these efforts to encourage have been, and one person told us that the podcast had been “life-saving”.

We want to keep at it and to increase the reach of what we are doing, but we need your help. Simply, we are asking for financial help to move the mission forward. What you’ll be supporting is this: We want to encourage more people…we want to let them know we are here, offering resources for encouragement and companionship on their difficult journeys. To do this, we need to expand and deepen the scope of our online presence: building a new, professional website, putting out more regular podcasts, engaging with various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and much more.

Encouraging people who suffer in silence is my passion, and it always will be. Help us reach more suffering people to let them know they are Not Alone.

Thank you for your consideration,

Tim Blue

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