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You Are Survivor

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

News Flash: Life will kill you. That is a guarantee. Yet we still live with so much fear of what MIGHT happen. What if this? What if that? So maybe I’ll just stay home. Stay SAFE.

For those of us with mental illness, our brains are particularly good at determining well ahead of time how dangerous life can be it, relationships, career, romance, awkward situations, new medications, new ANYTHING, and EVERYTHINGS...

But what if we switched that around? What if we realized that we are survivors? That nothing, nada, zip, zilch has gotten the best of us yet.

Sure, we have been hurt...even crushed by failures and disappointments. But if we remember that, first, we have managed to survive it all, and second, that we can’t escape our ultimate demise anyway, we can walk into the future taking a deep breath and realizing that we are badasses who are awfully hard to destroy.